Changing Default Search Engine to Google in Linux Mint 12

DuckDuckGo Search Engine in Firefox

How to Change Linux Mint 12 Duck Duck Go Search Engine to Google Search Engine?

Linux Mint 12 comes with Duck duck go as the default search engine. When you use Mozilla Firefox, the default search engine is shown as DuckDuckGo. Duck duck go project claims that they don’t personalize search results and no type of user tracking is done. If if you are paranoiac about privacy, Duck duck go is the search engine to use.

However I prefer Google search engine and it is easy to change DuckDuckGo to Google search engine. Click on the duck icon inside the search box and select "Manage Search Engines",

Changing duck duck go to google - Linux Mint 12

Click on the bottom link – "Get more search engines". Firefox will open the search engine list page at At the bottom of the page you have a tiny list of icons representing other search engines,

Selecting google search engine - Linux Mint 12

Adding Google Search Engine to Firefox in Linux Mint 12Click on the Google icon in the other engines list.

Now again click on the duck icon in the search field located at the top of Firefox. You will see a new option named Add "Google". Click on "Add Google" option. This will change the default search engine in Linux Mint 12  to Google.

After installing Google engine, you can use the Firefox URL field for entering search keywords. If you enter a web address you are taken to the address else you are taken to the Google search results for the text you entered. This feature is not available in Duck Duck Go engine.

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  1. gizmox says:

    I’m trying to follow the steps but option to add “Google” doesn’t appear! I’m not able to add Google. This Mint edition sucks!!!!!

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