Mouse Cursor Problem – Tiny Core Linux in VirtualBox

I recently came across a nasty mouse cursor problem when running Tiny Core Linux in VirtualBox. I use VirtualBox 4.1.6 with VirtualBox extensions pack for running Tiny Core Linux. After installing Tiny Core Linux, VirtualBox provided seamless integration of mouse cursor. Whenever I move cursor over Tiny Core Linux window, the mouse control was automatically handed over to TCL.

However the behavior of the mouse cursor was erratic when in Tiny Core Linux. Sometimes you could only navigate half of the Tiny Core Linux window and then control gets handed over to the host machine (Windows 7 in my case). It is a nasty bug and it almost makes TCL completely unusable in VirtualBox.

This problem seems to be caused by a bug in VirtualBox. However there is a quick work around to fix this problem. Open Settings => System => Motherboard page of the TCL virtual machine from VirtualBox. Uncheck the "Enable absolute pointing device" option from the screen as shown below,

fixing mouse cursor problem in Tiny Core Linux with VirtualBox

There is a downside to this fix. The seamless mode no longer works and hence you need to press the host button (default is right control) to change the mouse cursor control from host to guest OS and vice versa.

This seems to be a problem with VirtualBox 4.x series installations. Please note that I don’t have VirtualBox guest extensions installed and I don’t know whether it will solve the issue.

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