How to Play Windows Media Files (.wmv) in Ubuntu 9.10

Are you unable to play Windows media files (.wmv) on Ubuntu 9.10? The easiest solution is to install VLC media player(VideoLAN). Starting from version 1.0, VLC media player supports a large number of video/audio formats without the need for a separate decoder software. VLC player can play a lot of media formats including WMV, OGG, WAV, MP4 and MOV. See this page for a complete list of media types supported by VLC media player.

Installing VLC media player on Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala)

Step 1: Open Synaptic Package Manager from System->Administration. This is a graphical interface for the software management system in Ubuntu.


Step 2: Using Synaptic Package Manager search for vlc (using quick search textbox as shown below) and this click on vlc to mark it for installation. The package manager will indicate that a number of additional packages (Mark additional required packages?) are required. Click on Mark to select them as well.

Finally to install VLC Player click on the Apply button. If you are installing after a fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.10, package manager will install 37 packages with a total download size of 23.9MB.


You can also install VLC player from the command line. Use aptitude tool to install VLC media player.

jayson@ubuntu-vm:~$ sudo aptitude install vlc 


Playing Windows media files (.wmv) using VLC player in Ubuntu

After installing VLC player 1.0+ as indicated above you can easily play .wmv files. Just right click the media file and select the option – “Open with VLC Media Player”.

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