What is the exe process in Ubuntu and why it is slowing things down?

If you recently downloaded Google Chrome, you might be in some for some surprises. The problem is that Google Chrome is not even beta for Linux systems. What you have downloaded is an early developer preview of Chrome and you should be ready to deal with problems.

From a UI perspective, Google Chrome is much better than Firefox. That is the main reason why I switched to experimental version of Chrome. But soon I realized the pitfalls.

Sometimes Chrome browser is very slow in Ubuntu. Why?

This bug mainly seems to crop up after you run a flash movie (YouTube video for example) in Chrome. Once you start a flash movie you can see that the top CPU intensive process is exe.  As you can see from the image below, the exe process can take almost all CPU power when flash movie is playing. Initially I thought that the running exe process was started by the wine emulator. It turns out that wine has nothing to do with the exe process.

What is exe process in Ubuntu?

To make matters worse, even after you close the Webpage containing flash movie, exe continues to run in background slowing things a lot. That is when you notice that even browser scrolling is too slow! The only way out is to close Google Chrome and then start it again.

If you kill the exe process, the running flash movie will terminate with an error – The following plug-in has crashed: /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/libflashplayer.so

This issue was noticed in Ubuntu 9.10. I am not sure whether this exists in Ubuntu 8.04LTS.

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